“With training and experience, veterinarians become very savvy at reading a pet’s body language. Wouldn’t you like for your child to kick-start their own animal communication skills to help keep them be safe and happy around dogs? Written by a practicing veterinarian, “Piper & Pickle: SMILE” uses a wonderful, truth-based story to illustrate canine body signals but also serves to celebrate the human-animal bond. Filled with lessons and love, I bought this book for my granddaughter, Reagan. I am definitely recommending this book to ALL of my clients and friends who have children.”
—Dr. Marty Becker “America’s Veterinarian”


an introverted little girl who struggles with relationships with other people. She feels more at home in her imaginary world and has an immense love of animals.


a homeless, shelter pet who was severely injured in a car accident.

Enter into the journey of Piper as she meets Pickle. Together they support one another in the growth of love and unconditional acceptance.